Am a featured Director on Fandor right now and for the next few weeks:


Just got to Boston. Am working at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts as a Visiting Artist for the year. Making friends with the wizards at MIT.




Other news: New music video with Jon Fine in the works, lots of animation projects brewing with Children's Documentary Network...

Screening on Feb. 26, 2014 at THE ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES
as part of their "New Filmmakers Series"

OFFICIAL SELECTION: The 2014 Fargo Film Festival

Brooklyn Art Council's Artist Registry:

Review of the show:
"On the smaller, cosier upper floor of Castlefield Gallery, Maya Erdelyi‘s animated film, Pareidolia (2012) plays alongside two framed works. Intricately assembled paper-cuts, prints and drawings are manipulated into a beautiful and tragic story, that we can never quite understand the details of. Whilst the scenes depicted in Erdelyi’s film are specific, the experience of constructing memories and personal narratives from a mixture of real events, misunderstandings and fabrications is universal. As such, this work is powerfully evocative of an innate, but confounded human desire to fully understand and come to terms with our histories."
More here:

In this upcoming group show at Castlefield Gallery in Manchester, England with Cory Arcangel and other interesting artists employing mondegreens and pareidolias in their work: curated by Sevie Tsampalla.

Have become a featured director on FANDOR (netflix for independent films):
See the award-winning animations in HD:"Phosphena"and "Pareidolia"

New works are for sale via The Foundation Gallery in NOLA.
Check out:

Am a 2013 American-Scandinavian Foundation grant recipient and fellow. I will be heading to Odense, Denmark in early June to study at the Hans Christian Andersen Museum and Archives to begin my research for a new children's book and animation.

"Pareidolia" won the Barbara Aronofsky Latham award for Emerging Video Artist at the 51st Ann Arbor Festival this year!

"Pareidolia" will screen at the 2013 Calarts Experimental Animation showcase at RedCAT in Los Angeles on May 2, 2013.

This article just came out about my work:

The 8th Tehran International Animation Festival in Iran has asked me to join their screening of "Outstanding Women Animators" for the March 2013 Film Festival!

Created medical science illustration for Engineer Nina Tandon's 2012 TED talk on electricity in the body. Animation coming next.

Worked as the Stop-Motion Director for this 2012 Toyota Scion spot:

An animation magazine in China just published this interview with me:

"Pareidolia" has been officially selected for the 2012 New Orleans Film Festival coming up in October!

Thrilled to have just signed on as a new director for a great animation studio in Hollywood! They will promote and represent me exclusively for commercial projects.

My most recent reel: shows clips from "Pareidolia" and other projects.

Also, animation production has begun on where I am directing all the animation segments for this fun live-action feature by director Juliette Carillo. First project was a street art animation in Venice, CA in July. Links coming soon.

"New Cannonball blues" won Best Music Video at the 2012 Los Angeles Animation Festival! (link to the video)

2012 Havana Bienalle: screening of "Phosphena" on Cuban rooftops
TV on the Radio's 2011 movie "Nine Types of Light" (of which "New Cannonball Blues" the music video I directed for them, is a chapter) was nominated for a 2012 Grammy award for Best Long Form Music Video.
"Phosphena" to be screened:
Official Selection and Winner (3rd Place): The 2011 James River Film Festival at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia
Official Selection: The 2011 Cinetoro Festival de Experimentacion in Toro (Valle de Cauca) Colombia
Official Selection: The 2011 Istanbul Animation Festival at the Pera Museum from Dec. 16th-19th
Current group show at The Museo de Ponce in Puerto Rico

Maya Erdelyi is a NYC and LA based animator, director and artist. Her work explores memories, myths, and dreams through hybrid approaches to animation and installation, collaging handmade cut-paper puppets within digitally enhanced worlds. Her stories and characters give a corporeal body to ephemeral ideas and non-ordinary realms of consciousness.

Her recently completed thesis film "Pareidolia" (TRT 00:07:30) is an abstract narrative exploring the landscape/architecture of the body as a container of memories. Layers of stories, dreams and memory fragments are interconnected like muscle fibers. The film uses bleached and distressed film stock, cut-paper puppets, stop-motion sets, hand-drawn animation, and various hybrid techniques. Through a re-imagining of family stories and life events, the film connects her transformative experience of witnessing public cremations in India to her Great Grandmother’s miraculous survival of a mass killing by Hungarian Nazis along the banks of the Danube in 1944.

As a child, Maya used to sleep with a pencil under her pillow so she could draw out her dreams on her bedroom walls the next morning. Since then, she has travelled the Arctic to study Ice Sculpture, lived in a Parisian squatted bank building making surrealist costumes and performances, traversed India to study religion and textiles, and began animating as a grad student at Harvard. Before that she studied fine art at The Cooper Union and Hunter College in NYC.

Recent projects include directing the music video "New Cannonball Blues" for TV on the Radio, as part of the larger feature film "Nine Types of Light" and co-curating a 22-artist animated exquisite corpse Maya has worked on projects with a diverse group of filmmakers/animators and artists including: Michel Gondry, Aaron Rose, TV on the Radio, Isaiah Seret, Janie Geiser, and Jamie Caliri.

Maya's award-winning animations have been shown at various festivals/venues and museums internationally. Most recently: Museo de Arte de Ponce in Puerto Rico, MoCA LA, The Los Angeles Animation Festival, The London International Animation Festival, The Melbourne International Animation Festival, The Hammer Museum LA, The Museum of Arts and Design NYC, The Big Screen Project NYC, The Harvard Film Archives, RedCat, The Prague Quadrennial 2011, Anilogue Film Festival, among others.

A native New Yorker, Maya was born to a Hungarian Psychologist and a Colombian Poet. She is a 2012 MFA graduate in Experimental Animation from CalArts. Maya is represented as a director through 6PointMedia, a Hollywood Animation Studio.

A write-up on about the 2011 London International Animation Festival: "Another traditional animation method is celebrated in this year’s technique focus screening, which will showcase the use of paper cut-outs on film. A mainstay of animation dating back to early 20th-century cinematic pioneers such as Lotte Reiniger, cut-outs continue to produce visually arresting results as evidenced by Maya Erdelyi’s Phosphena (2010), a kaleidoscope of intricate paper creations and abstract confetti. If Erdelyi’s film is an indicator of the selection, the screening should provide a very stimulating survey of shorts."